Santos Palazzi is a Venezuelan music producer, composer, arranger and guitar player based in Los Angeles, California. His wide musical interest and capacity of working in many different music styles has allowed him to venture in almost every field of the music industry. He has produced, composed and arranged music for Television, film, advertisement campaigns, theater and recording artists.

Also as a guitar player, band leader and music director, he has worked in many different projects and with many acclaimed recording artists in his country and worldwide, such as Karina, Judy Buendía, Guillermo Dávila, Kiara, Ilan Chester, Pedro Castillo, Johnny Sigal, Victor Muñoz, Andrea de Lima, Anaís Vivas, José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma”, Reynaldo, Mariana Vega, Rafael “El Pollo” Brito, Chenoa, Gaélica, among others.

He is a distinguished concert music composer in his home country, winning in 2006 the 2nd prize and the audience prize of the II Young Composers National Hall. 

Today Santos Palazzi is an active music composer for different TV Shows, independent films, and emerging recording artists. Santos studied at ARS NOVA music school (, earning a Bachelor's degree in Music Composition.